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Like many cities internationally, London is experiencing an increase in bedbug infestations. The GLPG has produced the following suite of Good Practice Guides. Together these make up the strategy for improving the detection and control of bedbug infestations in London. They are most relevant to local authority bedbug control work in domestic premises, but elements of them may be useful in other areas, e.g. in private sector pest control in the hospitality industry.
The following is advice on using the Good Practice Guides:
Distribution ideas
Information for Residents
  • General public
  • Local authority websites.
  • Housing offices.
  • Neighbours of those receiving bedbug treatment.
  • To all residents where block treatments are being planned.
  • Tenants meetings.
Information for Landlords
  • All landlords and accommodation managers
  • Local authority websites.
  • Included in information pack to all landlords.
  • Used at landlord forums and meetings.
  • Used by housing officers.
  • Given to landlords with bedbug problems.
Information for Healthcare Professionals
  • G.P.s
  • Practice nurses
  • Dermatology clinics.
  • School nurses
  • Social workers
  • Local authority websites.
  • Distributed at health promotion meetings etc.
  • Given directly to health centres etc.
Preparing your home for bedbug treatment
  • Residents whose home is scheduled for bedbug treatment.
  • Local authority websites.
  • Posted, emailed, given directly, to those scheduled for bedbug treatment.
Inspection and treatment guide
  • Local authority pest control sections.
  • Consulted and used internally within local authority pest control sections.
Local authorities, commercial pest control companies and other organisations involved in pest management can personalise these guides with their own logos and contact details. To view an example of a personalised leaflet click here, Otherwise if you are interested in finding out more please contact us.